Monday, March 28, 2011


If you could see our bedroom floor right now, you would see piles of papers. Papers that have been sitting there starring at me all day. I have been looking at those piles and trying to remain motivated to chase another rabbit trail or send off another form that will take several weeks to be returned. It can be discouraging. I realize that we are in the beginning stages of this process so I shouldn't be discouraged so soon but that's how I have been feeling. I know this is something the Lord has put on our hearts and I need to have the faith that he will provide. The paper trail seems like such an obstacle and the financials seem like an even bigger obstacle. I know there are two children out there that belong to this family so I will continue to give my anxieties over to the Lord and see what good thing he will do! Tomorrow we go back to Lexington to have our final meeting with our social worker. After that, we will be pretty close to having our homestudy completed. Then onto our Dossier. Thanks for your prayers!


  1. Praying for your encouragement! Keep pressing on! He will provide. Missing y'all!

    Lindsay S.

  2. Hey Berry Fam,

    Keep up the hard work you are doing! It is important and has been given to you by the Lord to do. I can't wait to follow your story as you get closer to those new little Berry kids! Miss y'all!

    The Bethancourts