Tuesday, July 17, 2012

10 Days of Fun

We just got home from a whirlwind trip to Padcuah and back.  I was finally able to introduce Addis to my grandparents and show him off in my home town. My cousin Jill and her massive crew were in town too so it was a blast. We also had a little meet and greet for Addis to meet my Paducah friends.
 Getting ready for the meet and greet.
 Playing with Malia
 Being reunited with Cella.  This made me cry, it was so special to see how well these babies are doing.
 Riding the train at the mall with Granny Fern and Grammie
 The caboose
 Train ride with the Baker crew

After a few days in Paducah, I left my kiddos behind and headed to camp.  It was really hard to leave them for a week but I had so much fun being back at Crossings, this time as a participant.  As always, Crossings was amazing.  Our group had so much fun, bonded as a team, and grew in our relationship with the Lord.  What more could you ask for?

 The girls
 Jonathan and Goose trying out the water zip line
 Our group minus Jonathan

After camp, I came back to Paducah to get my kids and got to spend a couple of days with Jess and June.  We went swimming one day and to the park another day.  It was so much fun!
 We gotta get this kid a swing
 Jess meets Addis
 So thankful for Granddaddy...
 and Grammie

Picnic at the park
 Cousin Time.
More park fun

Monday, July 2, 2012

Where did June go?

I can't believe it's July!  The days are just passing me by.  Our sweet Addis has learned to walk, (well at least 10 steps before crashing) and Stella just gets sweeter and sweeter by the minute.  She is always asking for hugs and kisses.  Are all kids that awesome?
I confess that I still have my hard days with Addis. I love that kid so much but I will say, he is much more "vocal" than Stella ever was.  By "vocal" I mean the kids screams and cries for no apparent reason.  It's teaching me patience (I think) and it's a reminder that this sweet baby just needs a little extra care and attention.  Maybe it's because of his history or maybe it's just his disposition.  That's the hard thing, not knowing.  I feel like I knew Stella's little disposition from the beginning.  With Addis I keep wondering...Does he feel bad?  Is he sick?  Is he tired?  Is he hungry?  Is he just needy?  Jonathan is good to remind me that he won't be a baby forever and at some point, he will be able to tell me what's wrong.  Until then, I just hug my babies and ask God to give me grace for this season.
 Stella busted sneaking a bite of Addis's Birthday cake
 Love this little girl.
 Happy Father's Day
 What a cutie!
 Love this little man
 Oh yes we did!
 Baking in style
I love my children but what a huge blessing to spend three days with these precious friends in New Orleans.