Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And it begins...

We have begun our first attempt at fundraising. We are selling 4oz. jars of "Berry Famous BBQ Rub." (We are still brainstorming on what to call it.) Anyway, if you would like to be the proud owner of this famous rub, just let us know. It is homemade and, not to toot our own horn, pretty stinkin good. We are asking for a donation of $5 per jar (shipping not included),

The cost of adoption seems overwhelming but we are trusting the Lord and working hard to make ends meets!

Thanks for your prayers!


  1. Great Start, I'll be thinking on other ideas to make sure this adoption is a success, and I will be praying to the LORD Most High, Deliverer, Creator, Possessor and Sustainer of all things living. May Christ be exalted and may we be satisfied in His work throughout the process.

  2. Hey Rea. Maybe I could donate some of the proceeds from P.W.Cakes to your adoption fund?! I am doing an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend and I could set out a jar...anything to bring my niece/nephew/nieces/nephews home! :)