Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Support Our Adoption and Get Something Lovely

I must say, our ole booth did pretty good. We worked like crazy for three days. We would hit the booth by 9am and not leave and hardly sit down until 11pm. Then we would head home and make more of whatever it was that we ran out of that day.
I couldn't have done it without the help of my mom and Greg. They took such good care or Stella and ran all my errands.
We are getting so close to our goal. We only need to raise $9,000 more. That seems like a drop in the bucket considering where we started.
There are a few items left so it you would like to purchase something, just let me know. Prices are list but doesn't include shipping if you live "off". (As they say here in Whitesburg :0)

Derby Pillows $25 each

Hairbows $5

Our Adoption T-shirt $18

Book Wreath $25 (can special order a favorite book)

Homemade Sweet and Spicy Rub $6

Handmade Scarf $15

Dry Erase Board $5

Highchair and Shopping Cart Cover $30

Our Booth

A HUGE thanks to everyone who came out and either helped with the long hours or bought something from us. We are so grateful for you!!!!

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