Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Little About our Trip

I have been having some serious jet lag from this trip. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or if it is the 48 hours it took us to get home, but I just want to sleep any spare minute I can. All of that to say, sorry it has taken me so long to post about our trip.
As you know, our trip was quite the surprise and we already had plans on going to Louisville to visit friends so we went ahead with that plan and just booked our tickets out of Louisville. We left on the 29th, had an overnight layover in DC and then boarded Ethiopian Air on Monday morning putting us in Ethiopia at 8am Tuesday morning. It was midnight our body time so you can imagine how tired we were.
Woudneh, the precious man who works with West Sands, picked us up and took us to the guest house where we would be staying and where our little man lives as of a week prior. We arrived, nervous and super excited to meet him, and they sat us down for breakfast. No one really felt like eating but we didn't want to be rude. Out of nowhere, we see our baby coming through the door. It was the BEST moment. We had been waiting for that for months!
When they put Stella in my arms, it was the best feeling ever! I was overcome with love and excitement and thanks to the Lord. The feeling was the exact same. I was so overwhelmed with all the things a mom feels. It was the perfect moment.
During our week there, we were able to spend a lot of time with our little man. I would wake up at 5 because my sleep was so messed up, so I would lay in bed until 7 and then run down to see him. We also had the opportunity to see a lot of the city and surrounding areas and really experience the culture.
Court was on Thursday and we passed! It was a very nerve racking experience for us and very emotional. As soon as she said the word "approved" I couldn't help but cry. It had been such an emotional journey.
So now we are officially a family of four. We had to leave our little man there and it was completely heartbreaking. Several people have said to us, "I'm sure it's hard but it's not as hard as it would be to leave Stella." Actually, it is the exact same. He is a part of this family just like the rest of us. He is our son and we miss him so much.
We are praying for a very speedy Embassy process so we can bring him home! We definitely appreciate your prayers, keep them coming!

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