Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Whirlwind Week

We have been home for 10 days now and honestly, if feels like Addis has been a part of our family forever. It took us a solid week to regain sanity I'll admit. The little guy was not doing well with the time change and he wasn't crazy about our American baby food. I had lots of advice on the issue, but it finally came down to giving him about 6 bottles a day. We were just trying to survive.
He has been to the doctor 4 times, had 5 shots, and is on 2 prescriptions. He has been through a lot. However, he is doing great. He is sleeping really well at night now, eating a variety of foods, and only taking three bottles a day. We have come a long way.
Stella is doing great with him. She is super sweet, gets excited when he wakes up, and begs him to play with her. If he cries, she brings him a toy. I love watching my two precious children interact. I am a blessed woman!!
Addis has truly bonded with us and I believe, he knows we are his parents. He gets excited to see us and likes to be near us. It is such an honor to be this little mans momma!

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  1. I love you guys:) God is amazing and I love to watch how He chooses to create families. Our families are like patchwork quilts and He is the quilter. May you all continue to be blessed. We are simply by watching from a distance. Tedra