Monday, September 2, 2013

5K(ona) Glow Run

I'm the worst!  I haven't been writing because I have been spending every single spare second working to get ready for the Mountain Heritage Festival where we will have a booth of homemade goodies.  Homemade goodies means lots of melt downs with the sewing machine (and I'm not talking about the kids.)

I did want to pause and pay tribute to the amazing 5K Glow Run we had here in Whitesburg.  Our precious friends, Byron and Amanda Thomas, came up with the idea and ran with it.  It has by far, been our most successful fundraiser yet.  We are so thankful to them and to everyone who came out.

We ended up with 215 participants!
  Almost everyone was decked out in glow gear, we had music bumping through town, and the energy was incredible.  We were so overwhelmed that so many people would come and support us.  Here are a few pictures of the super fun night. 

Boot Camp Batwomen

Mad props to my family who came out in force!

215 Participants!

Granddaddy crossing the finish line.

Team Kona

We released Chinese lanterns at the end.

Cousin Kona Love

Greg took first place in his age division.  So proud!

We are unbelievably blessed!
As far as an update on our girl, at this point we have legal custody of her but are waiting on the US Embassy investigation period which is 3-6 months.  We would love your prayers.

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