Thursday, January 26, 2012

Even More Unexpected News

Lesley, our case worker, has her own special cell phone ring. When she calls, it sounds like a siren is in the room with you. I did this on purpose so I would never miss a call from her. So, you can imagine my surprise when alarms start going off early Wednesday morning. It was such an unexpected phone call, I just knew it couldn't be good.
Turns out...the judge reviewed our case early and we have a cournt date NEXT THURSDAY! Wow, such awesome news. We booked our flight yesterday afternoon, started packing, made some phone calls and we are all set.
We had made plans to go to Louisville this weekend to visit friends so we are going to go ahead with that plan and then fly from there on Sunday. Wow...lots to do, couldn't be more excited!
Many have asked if we get to bring him home. Sadly, we aren't able to this trip but we will get to love on him a bunch and go to court. It's the first of two trips we have to make. The next trip, we will be bring him home.
Keep praying for us!!!

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