Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unexpected News

Our case was finally seen by the judge on Tuesday. This was an answer to prayer because we have been postponed a couple of times. Of course we were anxiously waiting by the phone thinking we would be traveling very soon. We got word on Wednesday that we are going to have to wait 10 more days before we hear something.
In our situation, our little guys mother began the process to allow her son to be adopted. However, she has passed away so the process changed a bit. The judge is going to put an ad in the paper to see if there are any living relatives that will take little man. They have until Friday of next week to speak up. If not, we will continue as planned and hopefully have a travel date soon.
All of this was a pretty hard pill to swallow. I was filled with such emotion. On the one hand, we already feel like this little boy is ours. We want him home as soon as possible. On the other hand, it would be a true miracle if he weren't orphaned anymore. The best possible situation would be for him to be with his birth family. It's just hard to love someone you've never met so much but also be prepared for anything.
Ultimately, God is in control and this is no surprise to him. It's in his hands.

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