Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hunkering Down

This week will make four months since we brought Addis home.  I can't believe it's only been four months, it really seems like he has been with us forever.  In fact, I can't really remember what life was like without him.  He brings so much fun and joy to our home.  I'm sure Stella would be lost without him, they are best buddies. 
With that being said, he is still a little fussy.  I can't help blame myself.  In the four shorts months he has been home we...
Went to my little sisters baby shower in North Carolina

Visited the Berry's in Mississippi

Attended a wedding in Ocala Fl.

Went to Disney World

Visited my family in Paducah

Made the trip to Lexington numerous times

The list goes on and on.  What I'm trying to say is, there may be something to this "hunkering down" thing with newly adopted children.  My theory was that he was so little, he could just join ranks with this crazy family who lives life on the road.  Plus, it's hard to say no to occasions that are so important.  I can't go back now and even if I could I probably wouldn't change anything however...we are officially hunkering down.  With the exception of a day trip to see my Grandmother and maybe a quick weekend getaway, we are staying put.  For one thing, I'm wiped out.  Traveling with two one year olds is hard.  Secondly, it will be a fun little experiment to see if staying settled for a bit will help with Addis's fussiness. 
I've never been one to stay put for long so luckily, Carrie and Julie came in for a visit earlier this week.  It was literally a 24 hour visit but it was so much fun!  We ate, fed kids, talked and just enjoyed being together.  It was such a blessing.
I'm sure I'll be eating my words because something will come up and inevitably we will find ourselves throwing two pack-n-plays in the car and heading out, but for now...I'm staying home.  
 Stella in her new dress from Granny Fern
 So serious
 The girls playing in the water
 So sneaky
 Kata, Stella, Emma, and Abigail enjoying a Popsicle
 Carrie and Kata
 Poor Addis
My little artist

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  1. Sweet friend, how about we have a phone date?!?! After going to Florida and then flying to Illinois a week later for my cousin's wedding, I have decided we might never leave the house again :) Let's walk through the hunkering together.