Monday, August 20, 2012

Too Much Mom

As you may know, I have a stage 5 clinger on my hands.  My precious son Addis is a total clinger.  If I'm sitting in the floor with him, he is quite content.  If I am moving about or in the kitchen or heaven forbid sitting on the couch, he is usually in a full blown melt down begging to be held.  Although it may seem sweet that he likes his momma so much, let me assure you, it adds stress. 
So today when I put up the baby gate to block off the play room so I could sweep the kitchen, I fully expect pandemonium to ensue.  I figured Addis would last two seconds and then hang on the baby gate screaming for freedom.  I was wrong.  He as Stella played for an entire hour.  No one was fussing and both seemed to be fully enjoying their time in baby jail, so I got some work done.  Usually I have to squeeze in chores during their nap times but today was different. 
After their naps, I put them back in the play room with the baby gate up as an experiment, figuring it was a fluke.  I was wrong again.  They are just so content playing without me.
So I began to wonder.  Do my precious ones get "too much mom?" I love staying home with them and yes, "stay at home moms" typically have clinger children.  And I was prepared for that.  But maybe they are getting too much mom.  It's good for them to play by themselves and with each other.  It's good for them to try sharing without me instructing them all the time.  It's good for their imaginations and little minds.  And it's good for my sanity.
I'm not saying I will always be locking them in their playroom and taking time to write a blog post (or check facebook) but I am saying that I am going to allow them time to chill by themselves and see what happens.

Alas, all good things come to an end.

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