Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Freezer Dinner Attemp #1

The most important part of this whole freezer cooking thing is to find a cookbook that has the freezer recipe's and the shopping list included.  This is key.  It saved me so much time to just print off an already compiled grocery list. 

I used this ebook and it is fabulous.  She arranges your shopping list by combining three meals. 

So the first step is to find or create a shopping list and then do the shopping.  I recommend going after the kids are in bed.  It makes things much easier.  I love my precious ones but I despise taking them both to the grocery.

Next you need to slice and dice every little thing.  I like to use two different cutting boards, one for veggies and one for meat.  I hate raw meat.  I don't want anything to touch anything that's been touched by raw meat.  I also wear gloves because I feel like if I touch raw meat, inevitably it will get on my faucet or on the counter.  If I wear glove, I just chop chop and then throw away the gloves.  It's perfect. 

I recently saw on "Shark Tank" a fantastic idea.  It was a form that will make any bag a bowl.  So I used that same idea using big cups to make my baggies into bowls.  It helped keep the raw grossness off the outside of the bag and made assembly so easy.  I just tossed all my chopped items right in.  And can you believe the people on "Shark Tank" didn't bite?  I thought it was genius.

So that's about it, chop chop, throw and toss.  Then you zip those suckers up, put a label on it, and stick it in the freezer.

Today I actually put one of those freezer meals in the crock pot so I'll keep you posted on the final product.   

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