Saturday, January 26, 2013

Super Mom

Super mom...I am not. 

I have had these unexplained burst of adrenaline where I've tried to attempt something that would unequivocally place me in that category.  Let's take cloth diapers for example.  I jumped on that band wagon without looking back.  Before Stella was born, I was avidly stalking eBay for awesome scores on cloth diapers.  By the time she came around, I had quite the collection.  You all know how this story ends. 

They leaked.

They leaked and they leaked and they leaked.  I tried washing them with Dawn.  I tried washing them with vinegar.  I tried it all people and I'm telling you they leaked.  So I put them right up on eBay. 

And just for the record...I made almost double what I paid so I count that as a win.

The next trick I had up my sleeve was a really good one.  It was gonna make Jonathan swoon at my frugality and my children would sit at my feet and adore me.  Couponing.  I really thought I could do it.  I have seen enough episode of Extreme Couponing and let's be honest, those people aren't geniuses.  How hard could it be?  Well, I live in Whitesburg, Ky with approximately one and a half grocery stores and none of them double coupons, not to mention the fact that we get one newspaper a week and there aren't exactly circulars included. 


So tonight I'm beginning my third act of stay-at-home mother bravery.  Freezer cooking.  I realize I'm probably the last mom to try this but I've never been known to be on top of the trends. 

Freezer cooking.  Sounds awesome.  You do one big shopping trip, throw a ton of junk into gallon  Ziploc bags, throw it in the freezer and you are done.  How hard can that be.  Well my friends, when you live in a small town, it's pretty stinkin hard.

For starters our grocery story was out of about six crucial ingredients.  Nothing is more frustrating.  So I did the best with what I could find and I plan to make the drive to the beacon of light, Super Walmart in Virginia, to complete my list.  Hopefully I can just add those ingredients to the already frozen bags with no problem. 

I'll give you the play by play in the next post and let you know how it all goes.

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