Saturday, April 6, 2013

One Year Home and Video

It's been one year since our feet touched down in America with our newest child.  I won't lie and say this year has been easy but I can say with certainty, we are in a great place.  We've had some really hard times this past year and there were times I just didn't know how we were going to make it.  Looking back I realize that Addis was grieving in his own little baby way.  That seemed crazy to me at the time because after all, he was a baby.  However, something that was so special to us, adopting Addis, was possible because of complete tragedy and despair for him .  He was ripped from everything he ever knew, was picked up and taken across the world by strangers, introduced to new food, faces, culture, flashing lights and so much more.  Since then, I have learned so much about the trauma that comes with lack of attachment at a young age.  I wish I would have known more then, but we can't go back and we can only look forward.

About a month ago our precious Addis flipped the switch.  He is like a different kid.  So much more content and secure.  He's started interacting with people and usually doesn't have a complete melt down when I leave the room. 

God has blessed this year in an incredible way.  I would never have guessed the lessons I would learn.  Addis is a completely different person but I'd say we are all different because of his precious little life. 

Here is the link to our video about bringing Addis home.  It was the longest flight ever but was all worth it when we arrived at the airport to so many loving faces!

And if you haven't seen our video of meeting Addis for the first time last February, here it is!


  1. Love this! Watching the coming home video during lunch at work trying not to cry! Can't wait until we bring our twin girls home in 5-6 months! I thought it was funny seeing him sleep in the suitcase! Very creative! Did he sleep there the entire time you were there? Not sure what we're doing yet, don't really want to bring 2 pack n plays with us.

  2. Your videos make me weep! When you come down the stairs at the airport...tears! Happy one year!!